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Students are taught by carefully selected faculty members at BSN Academy, who take active part in every aspect of the students’ development. They combine the highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians and consultants. The faculty deeply and minutely nature students on a day-to-day basis. Individual mentoring sessions are held to monitor students’ progress. The faculties assist students to overcome any difficulties encountered during the course of their programs.

Every member of the faculty is responsible for all aspects related to the Professional Development System. They are deeply involved in all processes as follows: -

Taking Workshop at scheduled times.

Evaluating students’ work, including providing adequate and timely feedback to students and submitting grades by the stated deadlines. Coaching (Reminding, Counseling and Mentoring) the students in all the requisite areas, like attendance, timely submission of assignments, performance on exams, communications and personality skills; interviews skills, etc. Delivery and up-gradation of Course content.

Preparation & assessment of Assignments.

Industry liaison & Placement activities.

Events related activities.